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Valentine’s day.. :: Sat 14th Feb; 2009 22:55  

I worked hard for this year. Expended blood, sweat, and tears to create a masterpiece for my love:
Box of chocolates?
A beautiful box of chocolates - each one hand decorated:
Close up of chocolates
But not just any box of chocolates, oh no! It's a cake!
Cutting the cake
Even the chocolates in the 'box' are cake, see..
Mmmm tasty cake

But before you go mad on it's incredible-ness, this is what it was supposed to look like.
I am quite proud of it though, it was my first time working with fondant. And because I like to do things the hard way, I made my own - recipe here. Dyed my hands red for a couple of days, but worth it :-)
I also made the cake, from a recipe found on the internet. I wasn't too pleased with that, it was a bit greasy, and not very red (supposed to be "red velvet"!). (So I haven't posted a link)
Making the cake balls was fun, I learnt a good lot of tips for doing the coating in chocolate, something which has never worked for me before, and I got better at icing as I went too!

And before you ask, here's a picture of what he got me.

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